era of the open economy

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era of the open economy

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The age of “owning” something is giving way to the “open era”. This era is about sharing knowledge and community participation. The world is sharing everything – from dog care to parking spaces. And this trend of sharing is shaping technology like never before. In the last few decades, crowd-sourcing has attracted the sharpest minds and major investors, especially when it comes to Open Source Software (OSS). From the emergence of Usenet to the creation of Linux, OSS has come a long way. It is the ease of sharing, refining and being part of a legacy that is driving people to collaborate more. OSS is an inseparable part of most enterprises today and will remain so for years to come.
Explosion of benefits
OSS is powering innovation in many companies. About 40% of the respondents from a 2015 study by Wipro and Oxford Economics of 100 global CXOs and senior executives said that support for new products and services is what they seek from the open source community. Internal and external contributors are fueling bright ideas to create new solutions and platforms.
With such active and diverse projects, open source lends itself to providing flexibility and agility. More than 60% of the respondents say that open source software will be critical to business agility in their companies over the next three years. Nearly half (49%) say open source supports cloud and IoT infrastructure (46%).
How does open source affect total cost of ownership? About 40% of the respondents say that the use of OSS today reduces the total cost of ownership for software assets in their company, and this number will increase to 47% in the next three years.

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